Property rental and management


Apartment evaluation, consultation

If you want to know what your apartment is capable of, we will tell you. We will evaluate your property, address any shortcomings, and suggest solutions for them. After that, we will determine a realistic rental fee for the apartment and tell you who the ideal tenant candidate would be.

Long-term tenant placement

Do you want a precise, reliable, and sympathetic tenant who will feel at home in your apartment? We also consider this to be the only acceptable option! We work carefully and systematically, and it is also in our mutual interest to find the best tenant for your apartment.

Rental agreement, notary document

Our lawyers and notaries constantly support us, and the basis of our security is the perfectly polished, extremely detailed rental agreement and notary document that we have refined over the years. We have extensive experience and provide a strong legal background to protect you and your apartment from any potential problems.

Arranging and documenting move-in

After the sign of our contract, no more tasks are up to you, we will take care of everything for you. We will sign a rental agreement with the tenant we bring, always prepare a notary document that guarantees the move-out, and only after that will we hand over your apartment. We will also create an inventory list, take photographs, and record meter readings.

We completely handle your tenant

After moving in, the tenant will be in contact with us and we will handle any problems that may arise. With the help of our own experts, we can easily overcome any obstacles, and our technical troubleshooting is extremely fast. We take monthly photos of the meter readings, prepare the settlements, and ensure that the tenant always pays everything on time.

Moving-out, calculating deposit

After the tenant moves out, we compare the current condition of the apartment with the photos we took earlier . We check everything and only refund the portion of the security deposit that belongs to the tenant. If necessary, we clean the apartment and restore any defects, ensuring a smooth move-in for the next tenant.

Financial responsibility

We are responsible for the financial aspects of the rental, and we will always pay the rent on time. We will also handle the payment of the utility bills, and we will always pay the bills on time. We will also take care of the insurance of the apartment, and we will always pay the insurance on time.

This is how our apartment management system works

For years, we have been developing our unique apartment management program, which is the heart and soul of our service. Thanks to our advanced online system, we can efficiently and precisely manage even 1000 long-term rental apartments without sacrificing quality.

Why should you choose us?

  • Our dedicated team of 12 people is available every day of the year
  • You won't need to be personally involved in the rental process during the entire lease term
  • Our online system will always notify you about important events
  • There's no technical problem that we cannot solve quickly and professionally
  • We handle non-paying tenants promptly and efficiently
  • We have practical experience how to evict a non-paying tenant

What is the cost of the service?

Tenant brokerage:

1 monthly rent fee

Apartment management fee:

Standard: 10% of the rent

All-inclusive: 15% of the rent

Our prices include VAT and valid for private individuals. The fee for the notarial document is an additional cost. The property management fee will only be assessed during the time the apartment is rented. The minimum management fee is 15 000 HUF. We provide discount for properties with a rental fee of more than 500 000 HUF.